Carry The Fire

Notes: You may need to click within the game space to get input working. The ‘R’ key on your keyboard resets your position to the last torch – handy if you get stuck somewhere you’re not supposed to be. To completely restart the game, refresh this page. The game is best played on PC with an Xbox 360 controller, on which the game is controlled with the ABXY buttons for colours swaps and jumping + the L and R triggers for running.

Carry The Fire is a colourful puzzle-platformer made for the 2014 Global Game Jam (Perth site). The game was a collaboration between myself, programmer Matt Drage and chiptune musician Milk Jooce (Nick Ballantyne).

Whilst All of the core code and art was completed within the 48 hours of the jam, a few extra hours were spent during the post-jam evening to enhance the play experience. This included things like adding in tutorial text and tweaking the positions/colours for platforms to make them easier to distinguish on regular monitors (our laptops failed us here, it seems).

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