Adventricule is a game with heart.

Made within a 48 hour period for the 2013 Global Game Jam, Adventricule was a collaborative project between myself and four of my former students from Qantm College; George Coakley, Michael McKie, Andrew Murray and River Robins. Based around the 2013 theme – an audioclip of a heartbeat – Adventricule sees the player taking the role of a tiny nanobot which must navigate through the bloodstream of the human cardiovascular system, avoiding rogue cells and cleaning as much cholesterol build-up as possible before their battery runs out.

The game was made in Unity 4, with assets from Blender, Photoshop, Audacity and FL Studio. Ultimately it went on to take out the Perth judges’ award, in competition with around fifteen other games at the Perth jam site hosted by the awesome people at Let’s Make Games.

Note: The game is best played with speakers or headphones on, as a core mechanic involves avoiding something which is difficult to see but easy to hear. For the best possible playing experience we recommend using an Xbox 360 controller.