WA Games Showcase

The 2013 WA Games Showcase was on last Saturday, and I jumped at the chance to use it as a platform to publicly debut and get some feedback on a project I’ve been working on with some uni classmates. It’s called This Way Up, and it’s about navigating a cardboard box through a series of short-but-challenging puzzles by rolling around and shooting switches and things. The catch is that you can only shoot in the ‘up’ direction of the box, which means you have to plan your moves ahead if you want to be facing the right way when a switch is in range. It gets tricky.

An early preview version of This Way Up was open for the public to try out on tablet, mobile and PC at the 2013 WA Games Showcase. (Photo courtesy of Matt Foti)

The event was awesome; I can’t thank the people at Let’s Make Games enough for making these things happen. In the end we received a ton of useful and encouraging feedback from a diverse range of attendees.

Now that the game’s been revealed I’ve put up a project page to act as a hub for information about it, and I’ll continue to post updates here as we reach major milestones in its development. I’m looking forward to sharing more of this experience as it unfolds!
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